National BBQ Competitions | Giant National Capital Barbecue Battle

National BBQ Competitions

Below you will find a full taste of the 2023 BBQ competition categories!

The Giant National Capital BARBECUE BATTLE® consists of multiple BBQ Contests:  The Kansas City Barbeque Society Sanctioned Giant National BBQ Championship Categories include: Pork – “Smokin’ with Smithfield”, Chicken – “Perdue Sizzlin’ Chicken Contest”, and Beef – “America’s Best Beef”, USO Military Chef Cook-off presented by Oklahoma Joe’s, Heinz “Art of the Burger” Contest, & the Junior Chef Competition.

Witness Competition BBQ at it’s Best as Pitmasters from Across the Country Compete for cash, prizes and the Title of National BBQ Champion.

Perdue Sizzlin’ Chicken Contest

Teams competing in the Perdue Sizzlin’ Chicken Contest will be cooking “Perdue Chicken” to prepare for judging in the KCBS Chicken category. The highest scoring KCBS Chicken entry using Perdue Chicken, proclaimed “Perdue Sizzlin’ Chicken Champion”

Smokin’ with Smithfield Rib Contest

Teams competing in the Smokin’ with Smithfield” Rib Contest will be cooking “Smithfield’s St. Louis Style Ribs” for judging in the KCBS Rib category. The highest scoring KCBS Pork Rib entry using Smithfield Ribs will be proclaimed the “Smokin’ with Smithfield” winner.

National Pork BBQ Championship Contest

Winners of this contest will be determined based on the highest combined scores of the two (2) KCBS Pork entries submitted on Sunday. The highest combined score will be proclaimed the “National Pork BBQ Champion”

National Turkey Federation Turkey Smoke Contest

Presented by the National Turkey federation, Teams competing in “Turkey Smoke” receive “Free Turkey” to prepare for judging in the Turkey Smoke Contest on Saturday.

Beyond Meat BBQ Championship

Teams will compete in the exciting and tasty “Beyond Meat BBQ Championship”.  Highest scoring Beyond Meat entry will be proclaimed the “Beyond Meat Champion”.

National Steak Cook-Off

Presented by the Northeast Beef Promotion Initiative, teams will compete in the “National Steak Cook-Off”.  Highest scoring Roseda Beef Steak entry will be proclaimed the “National Steak Champion.”

Nation's Best BBQ Sauce

Teams will compete throughout the weekend for title of “America’s Best BBQ Sauce” in this saucy and spicy contest.

Junior Chef Competition Presented by Kingsford Charcoal

Date: Friday, May 27th

Kingsford logoPresented by Kingsford; this contest is open to chefs Under the age of 18. Jr. Chefs will enter their BBQ recipe and product photo online at for people’s choice judging. The top three finalists will be selected to cook off along with their families onsite at the Giant BBQ Battle event. Registration opens 5/27/2022


Click here for a list of official products for this competition. | Official Rules

Military Chef Cook-Off Benefiting USO

Through USO-Metro’s partnership with Giant, the Military Chef Cook-Off Presented by Oklahoma Joe’s has become a BBQ Battle staple, and this year is no different. The Military Chef Cook-Off features chefs representing each branch of armed forces facing off in friendly competition to determine whose BBQ is the best. Winners will be determined by, YOU, the fans!

Heinz “Art of the Burger” Contest

Dates: Monday, May 23rd to Tuesday, July 12th

We all love a good burger. As Heinz sees it, burgers are a blank canvas, which makes Heinz sauces the perfect medium. Heinz wants to encourage people to unleash their inner burger artist and treat every burger as a work of art, and we’re giving you the opportunity to submit your delicious masterpieces to our burger art contest.

Submit a photo of your burger at in one of seven categories (ketchup, mustard, mayo, bbq, flavor combinations, relish, and freestyle). Entries will be judged based on their creativity, presentation, build, and sauce.

  • Creativity: What makes a burger a work of art? The interplay of its components! Is it maximalist? Minimalist? Does it employ an abstract arrangement of ingredients? Show us your creativity by letting your imagination run wild.
  • Presentation: Capture your burger with a photo worthy of its boundless creativity! Make sure your snapshot conveys every ounce of effort, nuance of delectability, and morsel of meaning.
  • Build: Will your burger masterwork stand the test of time? That is to say, can it literally stand on a plate and be served?
  • Sauce: We’re looking for a sauce to be central to the burger’s theme. If it’s going to taste like art, let’s make sure we can identify the medium.

Official Rules.