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2020 National BBQ Championship

Below you will find a full taste of the 2020 BBQ competition categories.

The Giant National Capital Barbecue Battle consists of Six BBQ Contests.  The KCBS Sanctioned Giant National BBQ Championship Categories: Chicken, Beef, Pork Ribs & Pork Shoulder.  “Perdue Sizzlin’ Chicken Contest”, “Aussie Lamb Contest”, Turkey Smoke, America’s Best BBQ Sauce and the “National Pork Barbecue Championship” presented by the National Pork Board.


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Giant National BBQ Championship

Dates: Saturday, June 27th and Sunday, June 28th

Teams cook off in the “Giant National BBQ Championship” sanctioned by KCBS and conducted under KCBS rules.  Categories included: Beef Brisket, Chicken, Pork Rib & Pork Shoulder, Butt or Picnic.  The prize structure for each category is as follows: 1stPlace-$1,000; 2nd Place-$750; 3rd Place-$500; 4th Place-$250; 5th Place-$100.  All winners including 6th Place will receive a trophy.  Teams competing in all four KCBS Categories will qualify to become the Overall Grand Champion of The Giant Barbecue Battle with a Grand prize of an additional $3,000 and the title of the Giant National Barbecue Champion, Washington, DC.

Perdue Sizzlin’ Chicken Contest

Date: Sunday, June 28th

Teams competing in the Perdue Sizzlin’ Chicken Contest will receive “Free Perdue Chicken” to prepare for judging in the KCBS Chicken category.  The highest scoring KCBS Chicken entry using Perdue Chicken will be proclaimed “The Perdue BBQ Chicken Champion.”

Smokin’ with Smithfield Rib Contest

Date: Sunday, June 28th

Teams competing in the Smokin’ with Smithfield Contest will receive “Free St. Louis Style Ribs” to prepare for judging in the KCBS Rib category. The highest scoring KCBS Pork Rib entry using Smithfield Ribs will be pro-claimed the “Smokin’ with Smithfield” winner.

The National Pork BBQ Championship

Date: Sunday, June 28th

“The National Pork BBQ Championship” is the Official Pork Championship of the National Pork Board.  Winners of this contest will be determined based on the highest combined scores of the two (2) KCBS Pork entries submitted on Sunday in the KCBS Sanctioned Contest along with the On-Site scores submitted by the National Pork Championship On-Site Judges.  The Grand Champion (first place winner) will be awarded $1,500, a trophy and the title of National Pork BBQ Champion.”

Turkey Smoke BBQ Cooking Contest

Date: Saturday, June 27th

Sponsored by the National Turkey Federation, Turkey Smoke offers teams the opportunity to cook-off on Saturday in the highly competitive Smoked Turkey Category. Teams competing in Turkey Smoke receive “Free Turkey” to prepare for judging. The highest scoring Turkey entry will be proclaimed “Turkey Smoke Champion.”

True Aussie Lamb Contest

Date: Saturday, June 27th

Teams competing in the “Aussie Lamb Contest” will receive “Free Boneless Leg of Lamb” to prepare for judg-ing in the Aussie Lamb Contest on Saturday. The highest scoring Lamb entry using Aussie Lamb will be pro-claimed “Aussie Lamb Champion.”

Nation’s Best Barbecue Sauce Contest

Dates: Saturday, June 27th and Sunday, June 28th

Teams will compete throughout the weekend in the Nation’s Best Sauce Contest.

Military Chefs Cook-Off Benefiting USO-Metro

Dates: Saturday, June 27th and Sunday, June 28th

Competition between all branches of the military awarding winners both Saturday and Sunday. Come out and cheer on your favorite team from the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard as they compete in the Military Chefs Cook-off benefiting USO-Metro.

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