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Giant is finalizing a clean water partnership with two local organizations – Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay (Alliance) and the Maryland & Virginia Milk Producers Cooperative Association (MDVA). The partnership aligns our desire to invest in and have a direct impact on the communities we serve, commit to environmental best practices and commit to conservation compliance to MD and VA dairy farms through Giant’s continued sourcing of dairy by the Maola Landover Processing Plant. Currently, there are approximately 350 farmers who are supplying Giant through the Maola Plant. 

The Alliance, MDVA, and Turkey Hill Dairy initiated the first clean water partnership in 2017, which provides resources for dairy farmers to install best management practices on their properties to reduce their impact on local rivers and streams.  This new partnership will continue to assist our farmers and our consumers on both growing and purchasing the most clean-stream friendly dairy


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Boost Your BBQ!

Description: Alex Jackson from Freida’s, a specialty produce company and, Chris Capell a BBQ Master from the Dizzy Pig BBQ will join us to talk about ways we can expand our summer BBQs beyond Americana and infuse a taste of the tropics and offer inside tips for improving your own BBQs this summer.  The Dizzy Pig won 1st place in America’s Best BBQ Sauce Contest at last year’s National Capital BBQ Battle.

The Dizzy Pig
Frieda’s Produce

Hello #giantfoodies!

I don’t know about you guys, but I can use some excitement in my life right about now! And I’ve found the perfect place to do that– the grill! So if you’re looking for a way to add a little pizzazz to your grillin’ game, I’m your girl. A huge trend in flavor is anything inspired by the Pacific Rim- think Southeastern Asia meets US West Coast. What does that mean for us, you ask? I’ll give you a hint:  we aren’t just grilling plain old burgers and hot dogs this year.

First let’s start with appetizers.  Kebabs make a great pre-meal snack and offer lots of food flexibility and flavor variety:

  • Mango and banana are a great combo and grilling them with a touch of lemon and honey enhances their natural sweetness.  Want an even more island-y flavor?  Add papaya and pineapple to the mix!
  • Stick with the island theme by skewering pork, pineapple, and fresh veggies for a simple but uniquely flavored app.  Pescatarian? Try it with shrimp!

On to the main course:

  • We can’t talk Pacific flavors without tacos!  My favorite taco recipe uses marinated shrimp and reserves some of the spicy sauce to add to the tortilla.
  • Of course, you can still have your burger…but let’s explore a different take with this Asian Chicken Burger.  If you’re a plant based eater, substitute the chicken for a Beyond Meat These burgers (found in the meat section!) are entirely plant-based, but look and taste just like meat.
  • And I can’t be a dietitian without talking about those veggies! While you might not typically think of a salad as a main dish, this  Thai Steak Salad will make you think again! In this dish, the sweetness of brown sugar with the umami of fish sauce come together for an anything-but-ordinary dinner salad.

And lastly, dessert! Two fun facts about me:  1) Dessert is my favorite course and 2) I bought my cast iron skillet specifically to make baked goods on the grill.  Trust me, try it once and you won’t go back.  For inspiration, check out this Peach Pie on the grill.  Add that Pacific Rim touch by serving with coconut ice cream or froyo.

Oh and one last thing!  I know that time is precious and chopping fruits and veg aren’t high on your to-do list.  Let Giant Food do the prep for you by grabbing our pre-cut produce for your next foodie endeavor.  Less time in the kitchen, more time with family (you can thank me later)!

Until next time, eat well!

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