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We look forward to this year’s event, featuring a full line up of some of the Nation’s top BBQ Judges (did we forget to mention the tasty BBQ). Download our 2019 registration forms below!
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It’s that time again to turn up the heat. Currently this year’s competition registration is full!

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Bob Allen
Adam Beard
Pat Douglas
Jerry Evans
Diana Ewert
Arthur Facemire
Sheena Fincham
Mark Gantt
David Hoover
Marv Hovatter
Chase Howells
Jeff Kaplan
Britt Kelley
Deborah Kelley
John Krakowiak
Mark Lewis
David Ludwig
Chris McCauley
Debbie McCauley
Daniel Melnick
Tony Melvin
Chris Morrison
George Nelms
John Newell
Wesley Quillin
Bill Ries
Jerome Ries
Ronald Roth
Michael Shook
Bill Smith
Taylor Curtis
Rich Jacques
Ethan Chow
Sam Clatterbuck
Timothy Walker
Timothy Williamson

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