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Official 2016 KCBS Judges Listing

Jorge Alday
Rick Back
Don Borzilleri
Vernon Bowers
Janet Bresnahan
Chris Bresnahan
Danice Brooks
Jeff Chambers
Dan Corrigan
Jill Corrigan
Eric Daly
Bill DeHoff
Sarah Fabian
Richard lora
Tom Flynn
Dennis Gorges
Wanda Gorges
Dan Gregory
David Hanson
David Hanson
Blair Harrison

Eldon Johnson
Marc Lipman
Bill Mandel
Bob McKee
Maryellen Morris
Mike Morris
Christopher Morrison
Barry Morton
Joseph Musacchia
Rory Orkin
Donald Rhines
Lisa Rickman
Andy Rickman
Alan Rothrock
John Rothrock
Scott Schoppert
Kim Schoppert
Allen Sellers
Dana Sitnick
Robert Sitnick
Michael Spilotro

Joshua Steward
Joe Turner
Mario Vasquez
Rhea Vogelhut
Keith Whitecotton
Timothy Williamson
Larry Worthington
Karen York
Anthony Zenerovitz
Boris Zilberman

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